The Truth about Mary Jane

Living in a society where liquor is mainstream and glamorized by all who are involved, I have struggled to understand the glitz & glam behind it all. I have seen & experienced the lows and rock bottoms of drinking & … Continue reading →

It’s a Sabotage

“Don’t sabotage yourself.” I have heard that phrase over a million times throughout my life, regarding every aspect of my life. Don’t sabotage your career. Stop pushing away your loved ones and sabotaging your relationships. Try harder in school because … Continue reading →

Social Media Warrior


Social Media Warrior Social Media has changed our world. Growing up, we had to use the land-line to call a friend to talk or use paper invitations to invite people to a gathering.  Today, we use the ever-changing social media. … Continue reading →

The Struggle for the American Dream

The Struggle for the American Dream There is an intense struggle happening within the Business Gypsy.  I feel as though I am going through life with direction and purpose but as I age, things start to get a little confusing. … Continue reading →

The Joy of Finding Yourself

The Joy of Finding Yourself Like many of the people I am trying to reach, I too have lost numerous employment opportunities due to the economy, office politics, or another force out of my control.  The Pain of Losing a … Continue reading →

Finding Fun in a Recession

Finding Fun in a Recession These days, due to the Recession, no one can really afford to spend extra money on anything…certainly not anything fun!  All of the money that we had that went to going out and having fun, … Continue reading →

The Daily Numbing of the Subconscious

The Daily Numbing of the Subconscious What is the first thing you do to relax when you get home from a long day at the office?  Turn on the flat screen TV and veg out in front of the tube … Continue reading →

Giving Back during a Recession

Giving Back During a Recession Things are tough.  You can see it everywhere you look.  Unemployment at record levels.  Gas prices getting  higher.  Our government in gridlock. Foreclosure at a record high along with poverty levels. This is just in … Continue reading →

Our World The Ticking Time Bomb and How to Defuse It

Our World the Ticking Time Bomb and How to Defuse it You cannot turn on the news without seeing and hearing about how our world is falling apart at the seams.  Riots in London. Political Squabbling & Wall Street Woes … Continue reading →