The Sisters of Small Business

Growing up in a family full of budding entrepreneurs and successful business owners, it is hard not to catch the small business bug. My sisters and I were surrounded by customers, business meetings, inventory and marketing at a very early … Continue reading →

Business or Gypsy

Business or Gypsy I have been struggling with the fact that I live two very different lives. I am a small business owner and entrepreneur by day, and a blogging, artistic gypsy by night. During the day, I enjoy the … Continue reading →

Social Media Warrior


Social Media Warrior Social Media has changed our world. Growing up, we had to use the land-line to call a friend to talk or use paper invitations to invite people to a gathering.  Today, we use the ever-changing social media. … Continue reading →

The Art of Organization

The Art of Organization Throughout my years working the 9-5 Daily Grind, I have met many interesting people and have made many friends.  I have also seen my share of conference rooms, cubicles and desks, that quite frankly, shouldn’t be … Continue reading →

The Employment Switch A Roo

The Employment Switch A Roo For many of us, the economy and recession has taken many of us to places we have never been before. The back of your empty fridge. The bus because you cannot afford car insurance.  The … Continue reading →

The Edge of Employment Conformity

The Edge of Employment Conformity Walking the line between professional business woman and gypsy trader, is a fine line to walk.  My great worth ethic wants me to work the 9-5 job, receive the benefits and the nice salary along … Continue reading →

Jobs, Business and Numerology

Jobs, Business and Numerology On my road to becoming a Business Gypsy, I realized many things about myself and grew as an individual.  This included learning numerous crafts that have expanded my mind, body & soul. I perform Tarot Card … Continue reading →

The Recession Proof Business Gypsy

Recession Proof

The Recession Proof Business Gypsy Many people ask me how I stay so busy in this horrible economic climate. They wonder how I always seem to get a job or always have a client lined up. It is all about … Continue reading →

The Motivation to Stay Motivated

The Motivation to Stay Motivated Staying motivated during this trying time in America and around the World, is very tough. With the jobs numbers in America continuing to drop, drought and famine in America and over seas getting worse, and … Continue reading →

The Vanishing Gypsy

The Vanishing Gypsy Gypsies are a disappearing breed. I was watching “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” and one episode made me tear up. The “Travelers” over in Europe are having their plots and trailers bulldozed to the ground. Then these … Continue reading →

Business Ventures of a Business Gypsy

Business Gypsy Business Ventures

Business Ventures of a Business Gypsy When you are a Business Gypsy, working in one professional field just doesn’t cut it…especially in this economy.  With gas prices being so high, the cost of food going up, and the rate of … Continue reading →