The New Civil War


You might have noticed that life doesn’t feel the same as it once did. Something has changed. The American People have, in some sense, woken up. But which side have they woken up on? There is a deep divide among … Continue reading →

The Long Battle with Body Image

On a daily basis, we are surrounded by the extreme visuals of which type of body image is socially acceptable in our society, reminding us everyday the way society wants us to look. Splashed across the pages of Vogue, Teen … Continue reading →

A Day of Sudden Surprises


‘Friday the 13th’ has always been a superstitious day with people talking of black cats, avoiding ladders and jumping over cracks. Even though our view of ‘Friday the 13th‘ tends to be negative and filled with superstitious traditions, there is … Continue reading →

The Truth about Mary Jane

Living in a society where liquor is mainstream and glamorized by all who are involved, I have struggled to understand the glitz & glam behind it all. I have seen & experienced the lows and rock bottoms of drinking & … Continue reading →

It’s a Sabotage

“Don’t sabotage yourself.” I have heard that phrase over a million times throughout my life, regarding every aspect of my life. Don’t sabotage your career. Stop pushing away your loved ones and sabotaging your relationships. Try harder in school because … Continue reading →

Business Gypsy Employment Tips and Tricks

Business Gypsy Employment Tips and Tricks This holiday season, things seem to be tight for everyone, even if you have a steady job. Being unemployed and underemployed though, especially during the holidays, is probably the hardest thing one has to … Continue reading →

Business or Gypsy

Business or Gypsy I have been struggling with the fact that I live two very different lives. I am a small business owner and entrepreneur by day, and a blogging, artistic gypsy by night. During the day, I enjoy the … Continue reading →

The Psychic Does Not Fall Far from the Tree

The Psychic Does not Fall Far from the Tree There are many things that are passed down from generation to generation.  The ability to roll your tongue.  The ability to whistle or snap your fingers.  Brown hair, blonde hair, blue … Continue reading →

The Struggle for the American Dream

The Struggle for the American Dream There is an intense struggle happening within the Business Gypsy.  I feel as though I am going through life with direction and purpose but as I age, things start to get a little confusing. … Continue reading →

Numerology is Strong with Steve Jobs

Numerology is Strong with Steve Jobs I have always felt that in times of need and sorrow, I look for answers where ever I can find them.  In the wake of the incredible Steve Jobs passing away, I thought I … Continue reading →

The Joy of Finding Yourself

The Joy of Finding Yourself Like many of the people I am trying to reach, I too have lost numerous employment opportunities due to the economy, office politics, or another force out of my control.  The Pain of Losing a … Continue reading →

This is the Song that Never Ends

This is the Song that Never Ends Everywhere I look there is something being turned into a re-make.  You cannot turn on the TV without getting the feeling of deja-vu!  Haven’t we seen this show before?  Didn’t they already come … Continue reading →

The Pain of Losing a Job

The Pain of Losing a Job The pain of losing a job and becoming unemployed is sometimes unbearable.  Most of the time when we leave or lose a job there isn’t any rhyme or reason as to why you were let … Continue reading →

The Employment Switch A Roo

The Employment Switch A Roo For many of us, the economy and recession has taken many of us to places we have never been before. The back of your empty fridge. The bus because you cannot afford car insurance.  The … Continue reading →