5 Things I Will Miss About Delaware

I Love Delaware Image

There is no place like home and Delaware will always be my home. After being born and raised in Delaware, I will be leaving the State of Delaware at the age of 29 to move to New Jersey, the Garden State. After living in a small town, the town of Hockessin, in the 2nd smallest state in the country, living any where else seems foreign to me

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Staying in Step


It is hard keep up with yourself sometimes, especially when you are attacking multiple projects at once or just being stressed out by life itself. Many times, your thoughts are racing so fast that you cannot keep track of what … Continue reading →

The New Civil War


You might have noticed that life doesn’t feel the same as it once did. Something has changed. The American People have, in some sense, woken up. But which side have they woken up on? There is a deep divide among … Continue reading →

The Long Battle with Body Image

On a daily basis, we are surrounded by the extreme visuals of which type of body image is socially acceptable in our society, reminding us everyday the way society wants us to look. Splashed across the pages of Vogue, Teen … Continue reading →

The Politics of Numbers

Oh, another political season is in full swing. The ads. The speeches. The state by state campaign tours. It seems as though it is never-ending. This year is particularly overwhelming though, due to the introduction of Super PACs, where anonymous … Continue reading →

A Day of Sudden Surprises


‘Friday the 13th’ has always been a superstitious day with people talking of black cats, avoiding ladders and jumping over cracks. Even though our view of ‘Friday the 13th‘ tends to be negative and filled with superstitious traditions, there is … Continue reading →