Business Gypsy
[biz-nis jip-see], noun plural –sies

A person, traditionally free & independent, in mind & soul, who is engaged in a cause, a service and/or a type of commerce.

In the Business Gypsy Blog, you will find stories of hope & change, inspiration to help you through and find success in business and your personal life, tales of being a work at home mom-preneur, life as a newly single mother and more to help you on your journey as a Business Gypsy.

Inspiration comes from the journey.
Success comes from Inspiration.
Guidance comes from the journey of others.

Featured Blog Post

A Letter to Ourselves

The first days were hard. All you want to do is cry. All you want to do is give your child a better life. All you want to do is stop the fighting even though the fighting never starts with you.

Then days turned into weeks (I know…its cliche but stay with me.)
I started to think that maybe everything happens for a reason. That maybe this happened to show my daughter that you don’t need to rely on someone else to succeed in your life. To learn that asking for help from healthy influences is okay!

Weeks became months. Happy Heather came back and with Happy Heather… came determined, pissed off, climb to the top so I can spit on the nay sayers below Heather (Yes..I love Cardi B. Don’t Hate!)

And with that feeling, I got up 10.

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