Work at Home MomHaving a baby is no joke. The sleepless nights. The never ending diaper changes. The obscene amounts of toys, play mats, and books. Nothing can really prepare you for motherhood. Now add onto that being a work at home mom. Let the circus begin!

I have been working from home since 2011, when I started my own business called Business Gypsy Web Design, which has helped multiple clients reach their web & social media goals for their new and small businesses. I have helped business owners and individuals in Florida, Iowa, North Carolina and of course my home state of Delaware. I was even named the Best Graphic/Web Designer in North DelaWhere Happening List for 2015 (the same day I found out I was pregnant…go figure…)! My business has grown each year that I have been open and it continues to grow as time goes on. But now, being a Work at Home Mom, new challenges have presented itself which make working kind of a challenge.

The Fine Art of Scheduling

Scheduling is your best friend when you are a Work at Home Mom. Knowing when play time is, when naps start and stop, when your spouse gets home and when feedings happen will help you plan your work day. Nailing down a schedule early on will keep you happy as well as your clients.

Bye Bye to Free Time

There is no such thing as free time when you are a WAHM. Before, you were able to take a break for lunch, grab a drink with friends at the end of the day or even take a day off for yourself. Not when your a WAHM. Free time is now cleaning time or play time or cooking time or catch up on clients time. If you have a spouse or partner, steal some of their free time for yourself. WAHM’s can’t do it alone!

Sleep? What is That?

When your baby sleeps… you sleep… HA! Not for the Work at Home Mom. Sleep for your little one equals work time for the work at home mom. Even if your little one sleeps for just an hour, that’s an hour of work you can accomplish. I am writing this right now as my daughter sleeps in my arms.

One Handed Hero

When you become a mom, you learn the art of doing things with one hand. Making a bottle, eating your dinner, and even typing on a computer. Working while holding your little one is sometimes the key to getting things done and to stay on schedule with clients. Make sure you switch arms from time to time or you will be in for a world of hurt.. well your arm will be anyway.

Have any other tips or tricks to being a WAHM? Leave them below!

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