Scrolling through my Facebook feed as I work on my computer, all I see are babies. New babies, birthdays for babies, babies visiting grandparents, and babies in adorable outfits. It is all super adorable because who doesn’t love babies in buckets? But the more I see the pictures of the babies and the happy families, I question my own future and if that future has a baby in it.

You can tell me that having a baby is  the greatest thing you can do in your life, and that nothing else compares. You may be right about that but for someone who needs to learn through their own experiences, how do you experience something before you know if you really want to have that type of life? How do I figure out if I want to be a mother without actually experiencing it first?

So because I cannot learn by experience in this situation, I thought it would be a good idea to picture my life as a mother and my life as just a wife and find the pros and cons of each life that potentially could be mine one day.

Positives of having a Baby

  • Never ending love
  • You make something with the one you love
  • Babies are so cute
  • You get to grow your family
  • They are a part of you

Negatives of having a Baby

  • The pain of child birth
  • Never ending stress and guilt
  • Worrying you will screw them up
  • Not being able to provide for them

Positives of not having a Baby

  • Get to save tons of money
  • You get to live your life the way you want
  • More time for you and your spouse

Negatives of not having a Baby

  • Not having someone there as you age
  • You will always wonder how parenthood feels

I guess the decision was out of my hands all along! 

In the middle of writing this post, trying to figure out if I am mother material, I got my answer on a Monday morning from my doctor.

Coming January 2nd 2016, I will be expecting my first child!

 My husband and I are overjoyed and all of the questions I had before have now been replaced with love & excitement.

We cannot wait to grow our family & meet our Little Baby Girl! 💗


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