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Welcome to the First Ever Battle of the Bloggers! In this edition, the Business Gypsy battles the Broke Bloke over the pros and cons of the newest food app to hit the iPhone app market, 3DAround. 3DAround is a 3D photography app used to take your food porn obsession to the next level. Opponents, take your corners! Keep it clean. Battle!


Pros by The Business Gypsy

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Easy Sign Up

Instead of having to sign up with an email and password, 3DAround makes it easy for you to sign up for their app and starts shooting your next meal. All you have to do is have a Facebook account and that’s it! They are currently creating an email sign up option, which is just an added bonus.


3D Around Pros 4Photo Taking Guides

Instead of having a huge square viewing window to take your picture, this app has a circle viewing window with a line guide which keeps you centered while you move around your plate of delicious food to get that perfect 3D Photo.

3D View of your Food

Who wouldn’t want a 3D picture of their food? You want to capture all 360 degrees of food porn glory! You also have 2 options of taking your picture. 1 is just an 180 degree option or you can switch it to full on expert mode and take all 360 degrees!


3D Around Pros 2Sharing Capabilities

Once you take your edible looking picture, you can save it to your private feed and then share your photo with any of your social media outlets that are hooked up to your phone.  I can share mine with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Tumblr. If you want more options, just save the photo and share away!

Embed code into website

Another cool thing, which is something not a lot of apps offer, is a way to embed the photo using HTML code. I love this feature because I myself am a web & social media designer and this option makes it super easy for me to take the pic and just embed the code right into my clients web sites. Easy Peasy.

3D Around ProsBuilt in Social Community

Another fun thing about this app is you can connect with other people right on the app and see what types of food they are taking picture of! Food Lovers Unite!!


Always Improving

When I first downloaded the app, it was kind of slow and took a while to load pictures of other people’s food. But ever since then, I have been logging on and the app seems to be improving each time I use it, including faster load times and seem less transitions from one tab to another.


Cons by The Broke Bloke

Broke BlokeHeavy Processing

The apps uses a lot of the phone’s resources thus heating up the phone quickly. Tests showed that at constant use (5 mins) heated up the phone making it uncomfortable to hold.



3D Around Screen Shot 2Narrow Camera Window

The camera window is so narrow it makes it virtually impossible to capture a good image. If you are someone who does not have a steady hand or trouble focusing at one point then this is not for you. It requires you to move the camera around the food or object to capture.

No 3D Downloads

The app does not offer download to phone option of the 3D images. Downloads are available only in 2D mode. The images are only good to be viewed within the app or the app repository of published images.


3D Around Screen Shot 3App Crashes

During the few tests, it was found that the app crashes if you are continually using the app.


When requests are sent from within the app to view the published images, the response from server is very slow and the download even on a 40Mbps connection is pathetic.

Lack of Options 

– Photo Edit – The images captured does not offer options to enrich the media. Description is the only option available.

– Zero Branding – The app does not allow or offer an option for the user to brand the capture with their brand.

– Lacks engagement – All users can do even on the publicly published captures is view. No options to heart, or even comment.


3D Around Screen Shot 1Poor 3D Captures 

3D Captures are not always perfect. Breaks are viewable with certain snaps.

Want to test it for yourself? Visit the Apple Store & Search for 3D Around or visit their website by visiting

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