Dear Me Somebody Everybody,


Life is not what we expected it to be. Things are a lot stranger and a bit more difficult now. When you were younger, in mind, body and soul, you think everyone who loves you will be around forever and love you forever as who you are. You want world peace and laugh at every joke, even if the joke isn’t that funny. When we were young, nothing really mattered but playing in the street and watching Saturday morning cartoons with our bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. You never wondered if taxes and gas prices were too high or if you voted for the right person to be President.

Now that we are older, it’s weird to look back at your younger years, seeing how simple everything was back then in our lives and how different being an adult really is. You look back now and think of how things were so simple as a kid and how difficult things are as an adult. Relationships are harder, family isn’t so close anymore and friendships are few and far between. As kids, relationships were non-existent, family ties were strong and friendships were easy to make and keep. Why do things change for the worse as you get older, instead of things getting easier?

It’s like falling down the rabbit hole. You enter as a kid, wide-eyed and na├»ve to everything that moves around you. Everything you see, smell and touch is wondrous. Then you continue your journey, and things start to look a little freaky…a little weird. Things start to become old and bland and we no longer look at things with new eyes. Everything is not what we expected it to be and look like. We look at the world in black and white, forgetting the grey part in the middle. Everything is so cut and dry as an adult, we forget to look at the world as a rainbow of colors. Now we look at everything with a grain of salt, always questioning the real value in something beautiful. We can’t just take something at face value anymore. We have to question it….even if there is no answer.

There are instances in adult life that bring your child like wonderment back to the forefront, like landing your dream career, getting married to the love of your life, or having your first child. You are bewildered and amazed by what you have accomplished and what you are going to experience, but like everything else, it looses its sparkle, its new toy smell. You become complacent, stuck in the normality that is life. But why does it have to turn out that way? Can’t every aspect of your life be viewed as utterly amazing? If we were young again, life would be the most amazing thing in our existence.

We need to start looking at the world through child’s eyes again and realize that the world we love and live in is a wonder all its own. It seems we have forgotten that this world is unique and uniqueness in itself is beautiful and amazing. We need to slow down, stop and look around. Smell the air. Lay in the grass. Make a snow angel. Eat a cupcake! Do anything that makes you feel like a kid again, like going to see the Lego Movie, because “Everything is Awesome!” and life itself is truly and infinitely awesome.

Always with Love,


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