What a crazy couple of months. It has been a whirlwind of a summer so far. Some times the Law of Attraction can work in mysterious ways but can also bring you to exactly where you need and should be at that very moment.

On my birthday, April 25th (7 days after my last blog post), my boyfriend of 6 and a half years finally popped the question. I was over the moon, literally because he proposed to me while star-gazing during our own little bonfire. Of course I said yes, only after I cried, not exaggerating, for 10 minutes in his arms, knelt next to the bonfire, while Roxanne, our pit bull sat quietly, taking in the joyous event. Ever since that day, wedding planning has been a whirlwind, but I did not expect the next wave that was soon in sight.

Since I have gotten engaged, work has been literally falling into my lap and coming at me from every direction. On top of people needing websites and graphic design services, many people are now relying on social media designers and managers, now realizing the benefits to Web & Social Media Design and Management. Referrals are.coming from very unexpected sources, which is an amazing feeling to have when your work is finally reaching those who need it, on top of having your work finally speak for itself. My clients are amazing and I give them a lot of credit for my continued success. But I need  to give another energy some credit. It’s all about the LOA.

The Law of Attraction is a funny thing. For almost a year, I felt stuck, both in my relationship and work, feeling as though it was not going to progress in any tangible way or even move forward to the next stage of the cycle. But when one gave way, that being my relationship taking the next step, the other soon followed, finally having room for the Law of Attraction to work on the my business, pointing me in the direction I needed to follow in order to succeed.

I have learned that no matter if your life is a whirlwind of responsibilities or an existence of stagnation, you need to balance your wants and needs in order to accomplish what is actually needed in your life. In addition, you need to get out-of-the-way of yourself and your wants in order for the Law of Attraction to make those wants a reality.

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