Wash your hands!!! Grab the hand sanitizer. Cover your mouth while you cough and don’t forget your NyQuil. This years flu season has been compared to the H1N1 flu outbreak of 2009, not in intensity, but how fast it spreads from person to person. It seems as though, each year, more and more people in the United States are prone to getting sicker and sicker. Maybe it’s not the flu that is the issue, but the host.

Many people in the United States think that the flu is getting stronger each and every year but maybe it is us Americans that are getting weaker. There are dozens of fast food chains in a city but only 1 organic food market. Our portions for food are double in size compared to other countries and we shove mounds and mounds of sweets in our mouth without a second thought. With each sweet and savory bite that passes through our lips, we are maker ourselves weaker. In addition, the food that we consume isn’t really food half the time! Much of the “food” that is out there is pumped full of salt and preservatives that it isn’t even worth eating and some of the food we think is good for us isn’t safe at all thanks to the wonderful minds over at Mansanto. So what, though! We have a healthcare system to keep us healthy, right? Wrong.

Everyone in the United States thinks we have the best health care system on Earth and that no one could surpass our way of treating the sick. That may be true. We might have the best health care system in the world…but the best at what? Our health care system has a solution to any health problem you may have in the form of a little pill. We always run to get the magical cure-all pill once something goes awry…without even thinking that maybe our bodies were designed to heal themselves. We as a society are so dependent on the health care system for every little sickness or scrape or bruise, that we are weakening ourselves to the point where we will need the pills and the doctors visits just to survive and to keep our immune systems intact. Than, when we have to go to the hospitals and medical centers, all the doctors and nurses will do is treat the symptoms and effects of your illness, not targeting the root cause of why you are sick…like they do today. We will be given a magical pill to take away our symptoms but hold on! The magical pill you were given has side effects and you aren’t feeling so hot. So, back to the doctor to get another pill to take away the pain. The cycle continues. How do you break the cycle though, you ask? Well, it’s not a magical pill.

In order to create a healthy United States of America that isn’t riddled with fake food and magical pills, we have to get real. Literally. In a sea full of disgusting preservative filled foods in a glimmer of hope in the form of labeling. There are many businesses out there that take the initiative to put out a quality, healthy product, like my favorite 100% GMO-Free Juice company, Bolthouse Farms (which replaced Naked Juice once I found out they lied and used GMO fruits and synthetics in their juice). In addition to labeling being our saving grace, buying fresh and local. Help stimulate your neighborhood economy while boosting your health. Follow the rule of eating an Apple a day because it most definitely will keep the doctor away. Preventative care is key to building your immune system Exercise and get plenty of sleep for sleep heals the body. Learn your body so you know something feels off before a major problem arises and stay educated. Education into other types of solutions to health care is key, especially when you lack health insurance. I can admit that I do not have health insurance, but I am proud to say I am on the holistic path for most things. From restoring teeth to repairing dislocated shoulders, I have used holistic health to strengthen my body and lighten my medical bills, and the rest of the United States should too.

“In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired.” ~Author Unknown


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