the-number-twelve-in-latinWhen you wake up tomorrow or have a late night tonight, and you will be apart of something that will not happen again for a very long time. Tomorrow, Wednesday, 12/12/12, will be the final calendar date in our lifetime, to have the same number for the month, the day and the two last digits of the year. Many people, including myself, believe these days hold something special & that anything can happen, and as a numerologist, I wanted to find out more about the number 12 itself & see what 12/12/12 has in store for us.

12 days of Christmas. 12 Apostles. 12 months in a year. 12 cookies in a dozen (unless you are a baker…and want a baker’s dozen). We are surrounded by the number 12 more than we think & when we are surrounded by it, we are effected by it as well. The number 12 holds inner strength & wisdom. This number vibration is all about peace, love, and humanity. The energy of 12 helps you understand that materialism isn’t everything and that your fellow-man is more important than any object could ever be. The number 12 is also associated with the element of water. Water is strong and can carve its own path but it is also stubborn and fickle, so make sure to stay strong and positive, so you do not feel the negative number vibrations of the number 12. Understanding & peace highlight the number 12 and as 12/12/12 approaches, the energy could be three-fold.

The number vibration of 12/12/12 is about peace & harmony, but to a stronger degree. The number vibration for this date 12/12/2012 is the Master Number 11. This vibration gives off strength, inner peace, wisdom, & most importantly, light. Light brightens the darkness & shows you how to look past the ordinary realm of existence & look much deeper into your soul, the universe & our collective consciousness. You must tune into your inner strength & reserve to continue to drive towards your predetermined goal. Many are unable to exist in harmony & do not understand the laws of attraction or the rules of cause and effect, but with your energy & the collective energy of all, we can give strength & inner peace to those who desperately strive for it. Take hold of the moment and grasp the energy of enlightenment & wisdom.

For 12/12/12, I wish for all of man kind, from the smallest child to the oldest of men, to come together in mind & soul, on this date and realize the potential for mankind & the collective consciousness created by each & everyone of us. Give out positive energy to the world, and rid your mind of any negative thoughts. Thinks of others on 12/12/12 and help those with negative mind sets & weak souls to become stronger and happier. If you have a tear in a quilt…you sew it back together. Our consciousness has a lot of rips & tears…we have some mending to do.

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