The Long Battle with Body Image — 2 Comments

  1. We are so blessed to have someone like you in this world. I remember the earlier years of you and I knew you would always be strong. I always thought you were brave for not wearing makeup and thought how I just blended in like everyone else because I didn’t want to be different. I am happy to say I will always remeber that funny girl with the bun, blue eyes, and comfortable clothes that had endured. It is truely amazing how honest you have been for this blog. Society’s idea of a perfect woman is, to me, a very long fad. Society can never make up it’s mind on what is a fad, trend, or even what is taboo. By the way, thanks for this blog. I think you have connected with every woman that read this. At some point we have all felt this way but didn’t have the courage to express it. PS You are beautiful!!!

  2. I’m sorry you had to go through such a horrible experience of being called ugly as a child. I think for women, we will also battle our own self image because we have been socialized over and over again to believe that our appearance is not good enough. Unfortunately some of us have been told that literally it isn’t good enough. I have had my own weight struggles due to medication side effects and basically just giving up. No matter what size a woman is though many of us don’t feel OK in our own skin. What gets me is that when we express it, many people say things like “oh you aren’t that bad” or “why are you so worried about that?” A lot of times those people are men, but aside from that, it’s just as crazy to negate a woman when she is expressing how she feels – even if how she feels isn’t an accurate description of herself. The point is, it’s not our faults that we have the internal dialogue. It sucks but we are the ones left to deal with it. I hope that for future females they have less of this to encounter. I wrote a blog post once about how I’d rather be fat because I get sick of being treated better (by everyone not just strangers) when I’m thinner. 🙂 Let me know if you want a link to that.

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