Truth about Mary Jane
Living in a society where liquor is mainstream and glamorized by all who are involved, I have struggled to understand the glitz & glam behind it all. I have seen & experienced the lows and rock bottoms of drinking & alcoholism and through it all, I learned the truth about Mary Jane.

Living in a family where alcoholism is “genetic”, I had the odds against me right from the start and it didn’t help that I was surrounded by it. Once I hit college, it was off to the races, so much so, that I got myself sick with mono & had to leave early. Well, that and getting caught in the hallway sick as a dog with alcohol poisoning. Once that happened, it was down hill from there. Drinking every day, staying up all night, and waking up on random couches. Everyday was a party and I did not want it to end, but somehow I knew it wasn’t going to be up to me.

In an instant everything changed. A split second event, that could have spelled death for me and a friend, modified the present course I was on. The very next night, I walked into an AA meeting, under my own will, on my own accord, crying my eyes out. I stayed sober for a full year. Throughout my sobriety, I heard horror stories of alcoholics hopping from liquor store to liquor store to get their alcohol, so they wouldn’t be embarrassed about how many times they had to go to the liquor store a day. I heard a story where a person drove around town completely gone, and in the morning, they would have to count the paint colors on their car to see how many other cars they side-swiped the night before. Through out my year of sobriety, I learned about the dangers of alcoholism, the importance of moderation (1 drink with dinner, 1 night-cap), and gained respect for the disease. On top of gaining perspective on alcoholism, I also learned the truth about Mary Jane.

While going to meetings once a week for a year, I met many NA (Narcotics Anonymous) members who attended AA meetings due to the lack if NA meetings in the area. Many talked of there experiences with drugs & narcotics. As I listened & continued to listen, I did not hear one person stand up & say “I am addicted to Marijuana“. There were coke heads, heroin addicts & alcoholics filling the seats around me. I never once heard a single story that was cannibus related. Even in the stories not even related to Mary Jane, it didn’t even come up as a side note. I suddenly realized that the one drug that I was told would ruin your life even more than coke, actually was nothing compared to what I was presently going through. I wondered…could the truth about Mary Jane save countless people from being in my same predicament?

I am going to tell you the Truth about Mary Jane. I had more issues with alcohol and liquor than I ever had with marijuana, and I am not the only one. Countless people give up the drink and pick up the smoke due to the beneficial qualities marijuana gives them, compared to the damaging effects of alcohol. Even in early records, Cannibushas a long history of use as medicine, with historical evidence dating back to 2,737 BCE” , and even being “one of the 50 ‘fundamental’ herbs of traditional Chinese medicine“. (Source: Wikipedia)

Obviously, the tide is turning regarding marijuana and the laws associated with it. It is also helping many cancer and AIDS patients with medicinal use. Laws can and need to change but what really needs to change is the bad reputation of marijuana and the lax views society has on alcohol. Growing up in a world surrounded by alcohol and seeing the negativity it has brought to my family, my friends and to myself, I just wish I knew the truth about Mary Jane earlier.

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