Self Sabotage
“Don’t sabotage yourself.” I have heard that phrase over a million times throughout my life, regarding every aspect of my life. Don’t sabotage your career. Stop pushing away your loved ones and sabotaging your relationships. Try harder in school because we can tell you are trying to sabotage that as well. It seems that in every part of life, when everything seems to be smooth sailing, something happens where I begin to sabotage one part of my life, either it being career, relationships, hobbies, school or what ever it may be that is going on in my life at that moment. What is it that makes us try to sabotage something in our lives when everything seems to be going great?

When everything falls into place and we think everything is fine and dandy, we tend to miss the drama of trying to get our lives in order. Why do you think Soap Operas are so popular? It is the drama. We as a society are addicted to drama and like the thrill of watching or experiencing something juicy. When we are on the path towards success, we try to sabotage one aspect of it, to try to create some drama in our lives. Being comfortable and at peace is hard for some, since some might need the drama in their lives to feel like something is happening, instead of being content and happy with the path they are on.

Many of us start to sabotage relationships, career or any other positive thing that is happening in our lives due to our insecuritiesgetting the better of us. We can sabotage ourselves without even trying due to the insecurities that we refuse to face within ourselves. You might not like your job, so you call out for every little thing. You might ruin your relationship because you are self conscious about how you look. You might doubt your abilities in schooling, so you don’t even try. Everyone has some sort of insecurity (I don’t like my big nose), but if we let every little insecurity sabotage what we want and were meant to do, we would not get very far.

Most of the time, we are in control of the events that lead us to sabotaging ourselves, but when we cannot control the events that are happening around us, that is when we need to look and listen to what is happening. The universe listens to us each day, and if you are not happy or satisfied in life, love, employment and the like, the universe will try to fix the imbalance by starting a chain of events to help you see the path you should be on. I always knew I was supposed to be a small business owner, but I kept my head down and stayed on the path people were telling me to take. The universe knew this, and sent a chain of events my way that included injury, depression, and self realization. Sometimes we need sabotage for sabotage sake.

Instead of sabotaging oneself just for the drama or the security blanket, look deep within and find what you were meant to do regarding employment, life and love. If you don’t, the universe will take over and shake up the world as you know it, in order to put you on the path you were meant to be on.

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