Somewhere, far away from where I am sitting, there is a person who is in need, seeking help, or is looking for an end to their troubles. As I sit in this chair, I cannot help but physically and mentally feel their pain and suffering. I am a strong believer that we are all connected through the collective consciousness, with our own subconscious contributing to the state of that collective consciousness. Our subconscious is developed by expanding our mind, body and soul, but with the state our society and world is in at the moment, it is hard to ignore our collective consciousness when it is suffering.

One Mind

In order for us to have a positive effect on the collective consciousness, we need to turn off the televisions, stop playing the video games full of war & destruction (I love Call of Duty myself!), and dive into books, iBooks, or what ever means you have of getting information. We need to feed our brain with what it needs, and that is knowledge. Society places so much focus on commercialism & materialism, that we forget that knowledge is power. Go to school, continue your education, even if that means just getting a high school diploma. Higher education, like college or university isn’t for everyone, but you can still continue to educate yourself through books, posts, articles & blogs. Let your brain feast on the knowledge and information to strengthen the mind of the collective consciousness and to better yourself in the process.

One Body

Obesity in the United States is at an all time high. On every corner in America you see a fast food joint and every plaza has a chain restaurant full of fatty, unhealthy foods. This type of food, full of toxins, preservatives & hormones, does nothing to help your body, or the body of the collective consciousness. Instead of stuffing processed food into your mouth like frozen dinners and canned foods, eat yummy but low-fat, healthy, non frozen, fresh food. Soy Beans, Peanuts, Fruits, Vegetables, Chicken (in small moderation), Brown Rice and Mushrooms are just to name a few. On top of eating healthy, organic, fresh foods, exercise as much as you feel is necessary. Exercise clears the mind, brings you closer to nature, and helps you gain strength in your mind, body and soul, which in turn, helps the One Mind, One Body and One Soul.

One Soul

Religions draw lines in the sand and we become intolerant of each others customs and beliefs due to the segregation we place on ourselves. Most religions preach of loving your neighbor as thyself, but what happens when that neighbor is a different religion than your own? Instead of categorizing ourselves into groups of what we believe in, we should come together and experience inner peace as one. Our soul strives for peace and harmony and when we are starved of that, we drift apart from one another. Come together and experience One Soul. Walk through nature, have a conversation with someone about unity and peace, or just reflect upon the world in a soulful manner, so we can grow the One Soul of the collective consciousness.

One Love

We all have the ability to love, but when someone loves you back…that is when we really understand. It is now the time to love someone back. If we all came together, and truly realized we are One Love, and experience Love as One, no one will ever feel sad, lonely or discarded. Forget Religion. Forget Money. Forget Materialism. Cross the lines society places on us. We are all One Love. Every Color. Every Race. Every Size. Every Walk of Life. Once we Love All, All will Love. We can still help the collective consciousness experience sheer bliss.

One Mind. One Body. One Soul. One Love. One.