Yesterday was Martin Luther King, Jr’s Birthday and today we celebrate Martin Luther King Day. This day has a lot of meaning, especially this year, due to the climate around the United States at the moment. Home Foreclosures are still at record levels, Activists & Protesters have been seen voicing their concerns over Income inequality, and people are still struggling with Racism & Segregation to this day, years and years after the death of Martin Luther King, Jr. The Dream that Martin Luther King Jr. had for our future is still the dream that many of us dream of today. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream, but today, that dream is closer than ever, and the proof is in the numbers.

The Numerology of 1/16/2012, today’s date of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: Master Number 22

Today your dreams come true. 22 is the ancient numerical value for a circle, and today you are about to obtain your goal. Many people will benefit from the philosophy of your word today so spread truth and wisdom and stay away from racism and hatred. There could be confrontation & tense moments dealing with groups of people who extreme views, but stay vigilant and stay stead-fast to your cause. If you deal in practical matters and stay true, you will obtain your deepest dreams and wishes.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Numerology Life Lesson Number: Master Number 11

The Life Lesson Number is the Life Lesson you must Learn with your time on this Earth

The Master Number 11 for the Life Lesson number, brings lessons of community and altruism. One of the life lessons that needs to be realized is “Love They Neighbor as Thyself” no matter how hard it may seem. Your True Lesson in life is honing your skills and philosophy to enlighten others through inspirational speaking.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Outer Personality Number: Master Number 55

The Outer Personality Number reflects how others see yourself. This is the personality you choose to show others instead of your true identity.

People see you as a champion of Right & Wrong with strong ethical ideals & wisdom. Your writings are seen to have tangible value to the readers & future generations will cherish them. The public see’s you as a leader of high honor and an open-minded champion for high morals. The Number 55 is also associated with the Laws of Ministry, along with Religion & Peace. Many see you as a warrior of truth & intellectual thinking.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Soul Number: 26/8

The Soul Number represents your true inner personality that you do not choose to share with the outside world.

You are an ambitious person who is able to rise above the crowd & reach the top to obtain your goal. You have the uncanny ability to mass large groups in the community. You use psychology with these large crowds to understand them & bring out the good in them. You do not like to admit it, but people are drawn to your presence and courage. You will meet numbers of high-ranking members of society that are drawn to your way with the crowd and the wisdom you bring them.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Path of Destiny Number: 81/9

The Path of Destiny Number shows you what you need to aim for and what path you should follow to arrive at your calling.

Your path is to follow the route of the charitable mission. You have a calling to help others who need it most. Reaching perfection is your number one goal and you know you won’t stop until it is in your grasp. You are here to inspire others to try to create a better world for the future. Your philosophy will reach others, enlighten their lives & shake their beliefs to the core. Through study & philosophy, your dream of a perfect utopia can be obtained.

With so many Master Numbers, including 22, 11 & 55 present & vibrating from Martin Luther King, Jr‘s Name & Birthday., Martin Luther King Day in 2012 should be one for the history books.

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Numerology was solved using his Birth name (not including the Jr.) and his birth date.


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