The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius
2011 came and went with a fury and most of us are doing a double-take, not believing that it is already 2012. There are many theories, ideas and assumptions about the year ahead but only one outcome is possible. Many people believe that we are on a collision course with the Apocalypse by way of asteroid or reversal of the magnetic poles. Others believe Armageddon will happen not by some astronomical occurrence or scientific anomaly, but by the hand of the human race. Some believe though, that we are not on the path towards destruction, but towards an age of enlightenment and change in the way we live life and how we look at society as a whole. I am one of those believers. I believe that we could be turning the page on history and stepping into a new world of human enlightenment. I am not just being an optimist. If it were only that easy. Many Astrological, Numerological, Zodiac and Tarot Signs are pointing to a period of knowledge and change…

The Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius is all about fluidity and constant changes, which will be abundant in the coming year. The element of Aquarius is Air, which can be expressive and uninhibited. The Flow of Air and Energy helps information regarding society, politics, technology and ethics get from place to place quickly. The spread of intellectual knowledge and conceptual ideas around the globe will help fuel the changes that will start to happen within the next year. New reforms and visionary ideas will bring the human race a step closer to a true Utopian existence on Earth. This will only be achieved though through participation, interaction and communication between societies regarding the concepts and ideas that will help mankind.

Aquarius is also ruled by the number vibration of 59/5, which is quite amazing, since the number of the year 2012 is 5. The vibration this number gives off is the vibration of change and responsibility. We are responsible for our own future and can make changes to our present to bring about a positive and healthy future. If the human race does not stay positive though, society will be defeated and the world will continue to spiral down into nothingness. If we avoid impulsive, negative actions though, the strength and power we have for goodwill towards man will prevail and the rights we struggled for will finally be realized and obtained. In addition to the number 5 being the numerology number of Aquarius and for the year 2012, the Five of Swords rules over both Aquarius and the year.

The Five of Swords is the Tarot card that corresponds with Aquarius and the Number Vibration of 59/5. The Five of Swords, or also known as the First Decan, stands for the struggle for true altruism. The motto for the First Decan is “every person a brother or sister“. The Five of Swords believes that we are all one, together, brothers and sisters. The Five of Swords stands for justice for all and the search for reason and truth in our society. The Five of Swords tells of struggle for the manifestation of something greater to come and only perseverance and mental focus will bring forth a positive outcome and bright future.

You can believe that the world will end in a fiery ball of lava and magma, or that the Second Coming will bring the World to its knees. With all of the information about the coming year from astrological readings, numerology charts and tarot symbols, I believe that the human race is on the threshold of something that hasn’t been seen in our lifetime or remembered in history. Feel the energy that will be flowing about this year, during this Age of Aquarius, and use it in a positive way.

We have the power to create our own future by the choices we make today.