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businessman-yogaThis holiday season, things seem to be tight for everyone, even if you have a steady job. Being unemployed and underemployed though, especially during the holidays, is probably the hardest thing one has to go through. I have been unemployed over a couple holiday seasons, and let me tell you it is no picnic. Since the start of my job career, starting back at the age of 15, I have had numerous interviews and success stories of being hired. I have the uncanny ability to obtain a job, but a horrible track record of keeping one. The recession has made many workers unemployed but with these Job Gypsy Tips & Tricks, you can navigate your way to being employed!

Your New Job is Looking for a Job

The day you lose your job, is the day you start your new job. Your new full-time job is ‘Looking for a Job‘. The job industry now, due to the recession, is a cut throat place. Everyone is looking for a job or looking for a better place of employment and they will do anything to get there. Spend from 5-8 hours a day, 7 days a week searching the job market and putting in resumes. You may send out 30 resumes one day, but that’s what it takes to get a job in this horrible job market.

Find your Calling

Many people search jobs listings for hours and send in resumes to places they are not even interested in. When they go to the interview, that lack of interest can be sensed right when they walk through the door. Save yourself the time & effort and look for jobs that you have an interest in. If you have a talent or a hobby, look for employment that lets you showcase your talent. This will give you a boost in confidence when you get the interview and the interviewer will sense it!

Update your Resume

Getting your foot in the door to a great job can be difficult, and that is why you need to keep your resume fresh and updated. Include only relevant job positions you had in the past. If you are sending in a resume for an administrative assistant position, they won’t care to know that you worked in a restaurant as a bus person. Also, make sure to include a cover letter that highlights 3 personality attributes and always sign your cover letter with “Respectfully”…”Sincerely” is outdated

Canvas your Local Community

On top of the internet searches for jobs and employment, you want to also branch out to your local community. Instead of calling around and asking if places are hiring, print out your resume, and walk around your town and get face time with the owners and employees of local businesses. Ask them if they are hiring and if they are not, still give them your resume and ask them to call you if anything is available. They will remember your face and the initiative you took to come in and speak with them.

Stand Out!

When showing up to the interview, do not show up like a worker bee wearing a suit, a white button down shirt and brief case. This will just blend you into all of the other candidates for the job position. Instead, wear something they will remember you for but still be presentable. Rock a bright blue shirt, Wear a really cute headband, or a nice wrist watch. Clothing is a great conversation starter and you will stand out from everyone else.

Show up 10 Minutes Early to Interview

I grew up on the saying “If you are early, you are on-time. If you are on-time you are late and if you are late, don’t bother showing up.” Showing up early to an interview will look good to potential employers and show them you are a reliable worker. Being early will also help you stay relaxed and focused for the interview, instead of feeling rushed and unprepared.

Sit Up Straight

During one of my interviews, I was complimented on the fact that had excellent posture and that everyone before me came in and sat back in the chair. I sat up straight and did not let my back hit the back of the chair. This was easy for me because I grew up playing the piano, and it is key to have fabulous posture while playing. This was one of the factors that got me hired. Sitting straight up in your chair during an interview gives off the impression that you are very interested in the position and that you are not a slacker.

Always Make Eye Contact

Another factor that has helped me become employed is the eye contact. When listening to the interviewer, always have great eye contact. While talking about yourself and what you can bring to the table for the company, always look into the interviewers eyes. Even when you stumble or mess up, always look into their eyes. They will take notice of this and feel as though you are attentive and trustworthy.

The Interview Handshake

Even though I am a petite girl, I still have a mean handshake. I have landed many job positions and clients, on top of gaining respect from the other gender, by having a firm handshake. The rule for the “Interview Handshake” is let them come in for the hand shake, you grasp their hand, shake their hand firmly and authoritatively, yet not too hard to hurt their hand. Do not let go until the other person does. If you pull out of the handshake too early and fast, you will give off a feeling of uncertainty and weakness. If you do the “Interview Handshake” correctly, you will give a sense of authority & confidence, which goes a long way in an interview.

Always Send Thank You

Once the interview is over, do not wait to hear from them. Instead of waiting to hear from them, plant your name into their head by sending a Thank You Message the day after the interview. The best way to catch the eye of an employer is to send a traditional, by mail thank you card, just to say thank you for taking the time to do the interview. If you are hard pressed for money, you can also send a Thank You Email. This will also give you the opportunity to send your contact information to your potential employer again, which they will need to contact you for the position!

Follow Up

Once the Thank You Card or Email is sent to your interviewer, wait another week and if still no response, contact them. It is always good to do a follow-up visit to the company that interviewed you. It shows that you take initiative and that you do not take no for an answer, which is always a good trait to have, especially in sales. If, at your first visit, they tell you no decisions have been made yet, wait another week and follow-up with a phone call. Being persistent and staying in touch with your potential employers also shows you are interested in the company and not just the job, which is something employers look for.

Don’t Give Up

If you do not hear back from your interviewer, do not be discouraged. Things are slow in this time of uncertainty, but you must not lose hope. The Law of Attraction pertains to everything, and if you start to think negatively about your lack of interviews or a job, then that is what you will continue to get. Think positively and know that out of the thousands of resumes you send out, 10 will result in an interview and one becoming your job. So keep your chin up and always look forward.

With the Business Gypsy Tips and Tricks to Employment, you will surely be on your way to becoming employed, finding your calling and having a happy holiday.


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