The Psychic Does not Fall Far from the Tree

There are many things that are passed down from generation to generation.  The ability to roll your tongue.  The ability to whistle or snap your fingers.  Brown hair, blonde hair, blue eyes and brown eyes.  All of these things are passed down through the generations from grandparent, to parent to child and so on. There is one thing though that seems to be overlooked when talking about genetics and passing things down from one generation to the next.  That is the Gift.  This gift can come in many forms, like seeing ghosts or knowing the future, but it is still a special gift that can be passed down from generation to generation and the apples from my family tree don’t fall too far.

I haven’t had the honor of meeting my past relatives who had the gift, but I have heard stories from the oldest relative in my family, my grandmother, who also has the gift.  She told me of my great-great aunt, who had a wonderful gift.  She was able to sense when people needed her and could hear when they called to her with their mind.  My grandmother recalled one time when she decided to test her aunt.  She thought Okay…if you really have the gift…call me on the phone.  Not even within 1 minute, her phone rang.  She picked up the receiver and it was her aunt’s voice on the other end.  She said “Why are you testing me sweety? What do you need?”  My grandmother was convinced from that point on that her aunt was blessed with the gift.

My grandmother has the gift as well, but a different from her aunt.  She is able to feel energy and see things in her dreams, just like me. She has told me of this reoccurring dream she always had.  She kept seeing a black chalk board with white chalk writing and it would give her messages.  These messages would come true over and over again.  Some of them were in code and she had to figure them out but once she did they came true.  She got so sick of seeing the chalk board in her dreams, she thought one night before going to bed, Please do not send me these dreams anymore! I don’t want to see the black chalkboard!  That night she didn’t dream of the black chalkboard with the white chalk writing on it.  She saw a White chalk board with black writing on it giving her a new message.   She realized at that point that she couldn’t wish her gift away and she then learned to use it.

My mother also has the gift but not as strong as my grandmother.  I am not sure when she figured out that she had the gift, and she doesn’t talk about it much, but she did mention one dream that she did have that shows me that she does have the gift. The day before her father, my Pop-Pop, passed away, she had a dream about him.  In her dream, she was in her father’s hospital room and he was all better.  She walked towards him and said “Dad, you look great!  How did this happen!?”  He said “It’s okay Sue Ann.  I feel better and everything is okay.  Tell everyone that everything is okay and not to worry.”  She suddenly woke up and got on the phone.  She called her brother and told him what happened.  They raced down to the hospital and she said she noticed the change in him right away.  She said he seemed lifeless  and that his soul was gone.  The next day he passed away.

Finding myself and becoming who I am today, I have also realized I have the gift.  I have the gift of being empathic and seeing the future and messages in my dreams.  I have written numerous blog posts regarding my gift, so I will not spend any time on myself.  Just know though, that it continues on.

Which comes to my younger cousin.  She is the strongest out of all of us. My great-great aunt could sense when people needed her.  My grandmother saw things in her dreams and could feel the presence of entities around her.  My mother has seen things in her dreams right before it happens.  I am empathic, can sense things, have heard things, and can see the future in my dreams.  My younger cousin though, can feel things, hear things, see the future in her dreams, and above all…see things.  I just found out this information and it made me so proud.  I asked her what she has seen and she said she sees ghosts and entities walking around all the time.  She even saw my grandmother’s deceased cat, Oliver, in my grandmother’s kitchen.  This cat passed away when I was 5 years old.  My cousin wasn’t even born yet!

Genetics can carry on many traits.  Hair color, eye color, height, and ability.  People think of abilities as rolling their tongue, having the natural ability to play the piano, or other talents.  Remember though, that hidden talents, like the ability to sense, see and hear things, is also a genetic trait that is passed down from generation to generation.  You just have to be lucky enough to be the one blessed with this gift, for only a select few are chosen from each generation.