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  1. Ahhh, the beautiful world of social media! One day, because of social media, the age of dictators, empires, nationalism, militarism and perhaps even genocide may become a thing of the past. Our ever increasing interconnectedness will reshape our lives, the world and even history. This is the inevitable leap forward that mankind has always been on the trajectory to do, but was always foiled by or cajoled backwards by the elites. Political power, believe it of not is a slippery thing. Just because you can control the capital of a country does not in any stretch of the imagination mean you are the master of sovereignty. That power is with the people and if they deem a political party, charismatic leader, or policy worth while, then they are temporarily granted that power. However, the Arab spring is testament to what I’m stating! Social media will, in time, foster a new world order. I just wish I had the foresight to see what kind of order it will eventually become.

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