The Time has Come for Colds and Overcoats
It is the beginning of the cold and flu season and even though I consider myself pretty healthy, I am not immune to getting the cold or the flu.  I wish I was immune, because getting sick means spending money at the doctor.  I am self-employed and I do not have health insurance.  I have not had health insurance for years and I have gotten by without seeing the doctor, by doing things holistically at home.  If you are also uninsured and do not want to incur huge medical bills, try some of these at-home, holistic remedies to keep you away from the doctor and the cold and flu bug away from you.

V-8 Fusion Juice, NOT The V-8 Splash Juice

V-8 will become your best friend while you are sick.  Drink the V-8 Fusion Juice, and avoid the V-8 Splash Juice Drink.  V-8 Splash only has 25% Juice and is packed with sugar, which can actually make your sore throat become worse!  The V-8 Fusion has 100% Juice and contains a bunch of different fruits, vegetables, and vitamins you need to fight off any cold!  My favorite is the Concord Grape Raspberry V-8 Fusion Juice.  It is so good and you cannot taste the vegetables at all.  This coming from one of the pickiest eaters in the world.


Airborne was my savior when I was struck with the H1N1 Virus, when it hit the East Coast.  Airborne was created by a Teacher who kept getting sick by her young students.  Bless you, pre-school teacher, for creating this amazing tablet that fizzes in water (also available in chewable tablets now, I just found out!) and is packed full of vitamins and minerals you need in your body and your immune system!  Drink Airborne when you wake up, in the middle of the day, and before you go to sleep.  You will feel better in no time, and your immune system will thank you!

Hot Tea

Hot Tea is a great way to open up your sinuses, sooth your sore throat, and give you helpful antioxidants that will fight off your cold or flu bug.  One way to open up your sinuses, is to make the tea super hot and then cover your head and the tea with a towel, and breath in the steam from the tea.  It will open up your nose and throat, and send antioxidants directly into your system.  Drinking as much tea as you can while you are sick and you will fill soothed and relaxed, which also helps you achieve a healthy state.


Sleep is very important.  I believe 30 minute power naps should be taken daily to energize your batteries and keep you focused during the day.  I also believe in deep meditation as well, which also achieves the same effect.  While sick, make sure you sleep as much as you can, but also take showers and change your sheets.  A lot of people do not change their sheets and just lay in dirty, germ infested sheets, which just keeps them from getting better and rid of the flu bug.   Plan to sleep as much as 10 hours each day you are sick, and wake up naturally, without an alarm clock.  Give your body the time to heal.

Showers Twice a Day

Cleanliness is next to Healthiness in my opinion.  While sick, you are full of germs and viruses that are causing your body to become sick.  Taking showers helps you stay clean, wash away all of the dirty germs and grime you picked up from the day, and opens up your airways.  If you are full of gross mucus, while in the shower, hock up all of the gross green mucus and get it out of your system! That is where the germs are, so take showers and stay clean and you fill feel better sooner!

Who can afford spending $100 at the doctor’s office, that is the going rate for my doctor’s office if you do not have health insurance, for the doctor just to tell them to go home, drink a lot of fluids and get sleep.  It is common sense.  To avoid the doctor, just ramp us the home remedies, and you will see your medical bills during the cold and flu season go down, along with that pesky flu bug!

Picture created by HC Designs
Title from a lyric from the Band, ‘Brand New’