The Pain of Losing a Job

The pain of losing a job and becoming unemployed is sometimes unbearable.  Most of the time when we leave or lose a job there isn’t any rhyme or reason as to why you were let go and the only thing that really makes sense to you at that moment is that you are upset about becoming another unemployment statistic.  The pain of losing a job can effect you emotionally, physically and mentally and the effects of losing a job can last a while.

Emotional Pain

When you lose a job, unexpected or not, it is a hard burden to handle.  Once you know that the flow of income is gone and unemployment benefits will eventually run out, you have so many questions that you need answered but you won’t be answered for a while.  You want to know why you were fired or laid off, who authorized it, or if will you receive any compensation or pension. You also run questions over and over to yourself about food, clothing, shelter, mortgage, rent, car payments, and so on and so forth, until you make yourself sick.  A persons emotions can only handle a certain amount of stress, heartache and pain.  You eventually break down, and the mere mention of a job or employment sends you into an emotional tizzy and leaves you sobbing and hyperventilating.

Physical Pain

Once the emotional breakdown about losing your job happens, the physical pain soon follows.  After throwing yourself into an emotional roller-coaster over being unemployed, the body will want to rest and recuperate.  You feel as though you should crawl in bed, eat or drink your emotions away and forget that there is even job market out there.  This is where the physical breakdown begins.  You start to lay in bed and wonder if you should ever try to look for a job again.  You start to wonder…What is the point of going out in the employment rat race and having the door slammed about a potential job?  Once and If I get a job, I know I will just lose it and become unemployed again! What is the point?  You then proceed to eat your weight in ice-cream and hardly get any exercise.  Your joints start to stiffen up and you continue to lay there watching TV and hardly work on finding a job.  You start to lose the skills you obtained while working and your senses start to dull.  You turn into a couch potato.

Mental Pain

This is where mentally… you lose it all.  After sitting on the couch or laying in bed for 8 hours a day, you start to lose your grip on reality.  You start wake up at 4 pm and not go to bed until 3 am.  You lack enthusiasm and the will to really do anything with your life regarding a job, career or any type of employment.  The bed is where you are and as far as you are concerned, the bed is where you will remain until….well who knows when.

If you unemployed, jobless, career-less or employed but unhappy, and thinking and feeling the this way…well, it is time to wake up.  Instead of trying to find a job in a horrible, congested job market, look inside yourself and find your life path.  Your life path will set you on the correct course towards happiness, self-worth, and employment.  Once you figure out who you are and know what you are really meant to do on this earth, then everything else will fall into place.

(Photo by Lindsay Twilley)