The Recession Proof Business Gypsy — 8 Comments

  1. You are right that a job candidate with a diverse set of skills, namely relevant skills like coding, will probably be able to find work in an uncertain job market. But you are making a critical mistake.

    The “diversify yourself” philosophy is flawed because one who is good at many things is great a nothing. Do you care how good your physician is at accounting or golf? Of course not. Just like you don’t care if your book keeper can set a broken finger. You care about how good they are at the job they are hired for.

    Why not strive to know everything there is to know about one industry, profession, and skill, and be the BEST at it? No matter what the industry, the BEST are ALWAYS in demand. Plus, they make a lot more money than average.

    • I understand where you are coming from, but I believe that no one can call themselves an expert on anything due to the changes in technology, research & science. You can go to college and become an expert in psychology (or another profession) in 1978 but that information is no longer relevant in today’s society due to advances in technology and the like.

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