The Recession Proof Business Gypsy

Recession ProofMany people ask me how I stay so busy in this horrible economic climate.

They wonder how I always seem to get a job or always have a client lined up.

It is all about Recession Proofing yourself.

There are 5 things you must do to Recession Proof Yourself:

Diversify Yourself

Your financial advisor will tell you the same thing…you must diversify.  Why not do the same for yourself?  During my journey towards becoming a Business Gypsy, I tried everything under the sun for a profession.  I have tried working in the Finances, Law, Nursing Homes, Restaurants, Retail, Furniture, Fabric…you name it!  But with all of those failed jobs (jobs I really had no interest in), I learned many new skill sets that I wouldn’t have learned if it wasn’t for the randomness of my job search!  As a Business Gypsy, I continue to diversify myself and learn new things every day!  I have opened many new doors for myself regarding jobs by just learning a new skill!  I have taught myself HTML Coding, learned how to create Astrology Birth Charts, and have been called the “Squeeze Queen”, by learning the art of using “Squeeze Pages” for realtors!  Keep diversifying yourself and the possibilities will be endless!

Book Smarts or Street Smarts?  Why not Both?!

With my “Some College” status, I have both Books Smarts & Street Smarts and that is another reason why I am Recession Proof.   Employers love to hire people with college experience but they also like to hire people with work experience.  If you are in the process of getting a 4 year degree don’t wait until you get out of college to get a relevant job.  Start now!  Find a job that is relevant to your degree, even if the job pays little, and work there while you are continuing your college education.  This will look great on your resume and you won’t be passed up as often due to your work experience.  If you have a lot of work experience but you don’t have any college experience, enroll yourself in a night a week class (many classes are free!) that is related to your job position or a job position you would love to get into.  Adding additional education, even if it isn’t a full college degree, is still beneficial!

Do What you Love

It took me a while to come to this realization and it is a very important one.  Even though I am a guru of obtaining a position in the workplace, I was not happy in that position once I arrived there.  You MUST do what you love.  I have had over 20-30 failed job attempts over the past 10 years and all of the 20+ jobs that I lost,  I did not care for to begin with.  Instead of looking for a job just to pay the bills….look for a job that sparks your interest!  That is the job for you…the one that seems the most fun out of all of them.  Once I learned that, I found out quite a bit about myself.  I learned I hated working in cubicles and offices.  I work better when I am my own boss.  I like to help people with their small businesses even if it means I don’t get to see a dime of profit.  So go after something you love to do and it won’t seem like work at all!

Optimism Is Key

Optimism is also very important when trying to recession proof yourself.  After a long time of job hunting or searching for the perfect career, you will probably start to give up.  Don’t give in to pessimism!  It will only be your downfall.  If you think negatively…you will receive negative.  Keep your chin up!   Send out 10 resumes a day and think ‘I know I got one interview out of that’….and you will probably get 1 interview out of every 10 resumes you send.  It is all about the Laws of Attraction.  If you put out positive thoughts about your future employment, you will receive positive news regarding your future employment!  Stay motivated!  Think positive…get positive.

Can’t Find a Job?  Don’t Wait!

For me, this decision was an easy one.  I did not fit well into the normal 9-5, “Rat Race” life, so I decided to take my life and employment into my own hands by creating a Web & Social Media Design business and writing this blog!   This decision may be harder for someone who is used to the 9-5 life, but it may turn out to be the best decision that you have ever made.  It just starts with an idea.   From there, an idea can turn into anything…from a book, a website, a business, or a non-profit.  Now don’t get discouraged if the first couple of businesses don’t take off.  My web & social media design business was not the first business I tried and will probably not be the last!   Just stay creative, positive, and motivated and you can accomplish anything!  Take control of your employment, finances, and life!

With these 5 suggestions, you will be able to Recession Proof yourself, just like I did.  Things aren’t always smooth sailing and things can get frustrating and hopeless but if you love what you do, diversify yourself, are book & street smart, take control of your career and stay optimistic, you will be able to weather this economic storm and on the way,  learn something about yourself that you did not know before!


The Recession Proof Business Gypsy — 8 Comments

  1. You are right that a job candidate with a diverse set of skills, namely relevant skills like coding, will probably be able to find work in an uncertain job market. But you are making a critical mistake.

    The “diversify yourself” philosophy is flawed because one who is good at many things is great a nothing. Do you care how good your physician is at accounting or golf? Of course not. Just like you don’t care if your book keeper can set a broken finger. You care about how good they are at the job they are hired for.

    Why not strive to know everything there is to know about one industry, profession, and skill, and be the BEST at it? No matter what the industry, the BEST are ALWAYS in demand. Plus, they make a lot more money than average.

    • I understand where you are coming from, but I believe that no one can call themselves an expert on anything due to the changes in technology, research & science. You can go to college and become an expert in psychology (or another profession) in 1978 but that information is no longer relevant in today’s society due to advances in technology and the like.

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