The Edge of Employment Conformity — 14 Comments

  1. wow, very inspiring post, am also wondering what job suits me best, am currently employed and I know what am doing is not what am supposed to be doing, and I keep wondering what should I be doing? I will take recommendation from what you and research on what really suits me,creating a job for me is a fantastic idea, that shoe analogy you gave is very good. thanks for sharing.

    • I am glad you found it inspiring and helpful. It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do. It doesn’t start with looking online for a job. It starts with looking within yourself and finding what you are good at, what you love to do, and also what can be profitable for you to create revenue to pay the bills. I also thought about what could help people. I have a strong urge to help people on a daily basis so that guided me to what I should do. Just look inside yourself and you will find what you are supposed to do. <3 Peace Love Harmony <3

  2. Thank you for your inspiring words totally needed to hear that, you have actually inspired me to write a post, and also listen to my gut instincts more often 🙂

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    • You do have the power to think positive. The Laws of Attraction are solid and if you continue to think and be negative, only negative things will surround you. That is why you do not have the luxury…you are not giving yourself a chance at all. I hope you find what you are looking for and from what you have posted, I can tell you are in distress. Look into yourself…you will know what you are looking for once you find it. <3 Peace Love Harmony <3

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