Jobs, Business and Numerology

On my road to becoming a Business Gypsy, I realized many things about myself and grew as an individual.  This included learning numerous crafts that have expanded my mind, body & soul.

I perform Tarot Card readings, I love reading books on Buddhism and Taoism, and I am currently learning the art of channeling your Chakra.  Another skill that I have picked up is Numerology and I use it on a daily basis.

So, in the spirit of Numerology, Jobs, Business, I have decided to write a post about tomorrow’s number vibration, 20/2.  This is going to give you a sense of what tomorrow’s energy will bring and how you can use it to your advantage!

8/17/2011:  Number Vibration of 20/2

Tomorrow has the energy to bring  a life-changing turning point that is brought on by a sudden event.  This event will be surprising, due to the fact that tomorrow is also clouded in mystery.  Things are unknown, but stay poised and use the memories stored in your subconscious to navigate your way through this foggy period.   Make your way through quickly though, for if you linger, the vibration of 20/2 can make you restless & uneasy about what is ahead.

Use this time to create, in your business or partnership, for 20/2 brings the back and forth motion of energy and ideas between the Inner & Outer Self.  The Number 2 alone brings the high vibration and power of creativity, so use it wisely.  Creativity brings about change and change can bring resistance.  Do not fight the change that is happening before you.  Go with the flow.

If you are using your energy for negative, you become petty regarding trivial matters and seem short-sighted.   A negative 20/2 can also bring an imbalance to the order of things, which can bring about self-conscious thoughts about yourself, physically and emotionally.   This will create a blockage of the natural in and out flow of the creative energy and stall your efforts to expand your network and business acquaintances.

Tomorrow is a time to create!  Create a small business plan.  Create a To Do List of resumes to send out.  Create a day of giving back!   Create anything you like and give back to the Universe.  The Universe will thank you for it.

“If you Build It.  They Will Come.” – Field Of Dreams