Compromise…A Dirty Word

I have tried to stay out of politics when it comes to my blog posts. I feel as though it always ends up in an argument and in the end…no one really agrees…but I had to break my silence.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, we are stuck in a political gridlock of our own making.  Republicans don’t agree with Democrats….Democrats don’t agree with Republicans and Independents just sit back and watch….all the while, America continues to depreciate in both moral and monetary value.  If someone just took a stand for real Democracy and chose to compromise, we would reverse what we have created.

My life consists of compromise on a daily basis.  I compromise with my significant other.   I compromise with friends.  I compromise with my clients. I compromise with acquaintances.  I compromise with people I don’t even know.  You as an individual also compromise with people you know nothing about.  Case in point…the merge lane.  If you did not compromise at all, you would just stay the same course, in your lane, without any consideration for the person to the right of you that needs to merge and probably hit their car or vise versa. You need to compromise with that person and either A) speed up and let them merge behind you, or B) Slow down and let them merge in front of you.  You have the choice to make that compromise and to not wreck your car in the process.

Our government is now that wrecked car and both parties are to blame.   I look at Democrats and I see a lot of good but a lot of weakness.  You know the saying ‘Nice guys finish last’?  Democrats are the nice guys…and nice guys always get railroaded.  When I look at Republicans, I see some good there…but they need to step it up a notch.  Republicans are seen as the party of ‘No’.  Republicans are the strict parent in the household.  They hold the funds and always say ‘No’ to what you want but when it comes to something they want, like a new car or pool table, then they spend away.  If Republicans were trying to merge into the Democrats lane, the Democrats would jump the median and cause a 10 car pile up, just to ensure the Republican’s Aston Martin doesn’t get scratched.  And who is sitting 3-car lengths away in a Fuel-Efficient Car laughing to themselves?  The Independents.

Is it too much to ask for our political leaders, the leaders that we put in office, to compromise with each other to bring America out of this recession and bring jobs back to America?  It may be, considering the perception of the Recession is skewed in our political leaders’ eyes.  Our political leaders have jobs.  They receive a paycheck.  Our senators and congressmen & women receive benefits that so many of us dream of having, including Grade A health & dental plans, the platform & network to receive PAC donations, and even just the basic things like food, water & shelter.  Maybe if our political leaders, our leaders who were just normal people until we put elected them as such, were to walk a day in the Main Street Societies shoes, then maybe a small light of compromise can be shed on Washington.

Democrats give up on their values to way too quickly to appease Republicans. Republicans do not budge from their values at all, just in spite of Democrats.  Independents are mute but when they speak they are barely heard.  If we as Americans, look past party lines and come together, then we can undo what we have done to this nation.  Once that is accomplished, maybe then we can learn to look past all the other lines that are drawn in society….Race…Age…Sexual Orientation…Rich vs. Poor…

If we cannot Compromise with Life…Our Life will be Compromised.