The Vanishing Gypsy

Vanishing GypsiesGypsies are a disappearing breed. I was watching “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” and one episode made me tear up. The “Travelers” over in Europe are having their plots and trailers bulldozed to the ground.

Then these “Travelers” are being forced to move into cliche cookie cutter houses.  They are basically trying to erase the gypsy traveler past and turm them into rat race drones

Just because you don’t understand a culture, that doesn’t mean you have to destroy it.

Gypsies and small business owners in the United States are also a dying breed. Instead of mom and pop stores and produce stands in your local community, the big wholesale corporations are taking over.

Bankers and lenders aren’t lending either. It is now harder for a small business and a business gypsy to start small businesses from the ground up.

Being a business gypsy is one of the smartest things I have done but is it too late for my kind?

My generation has the right idea. Find something you love to do before you figure out how you can apply it to your employment future. I wish I did it that way. It would have saved me a lot of time, money, and disappointment.

But with lenders being stingy and large corporations undercutting small local businesses, it seems as though business gypsies are a dying breed.

Would you rather live in a world full of free minded, happy and free willed people who own their own business with a touch of personal service or live in a world filled with Costco‘s and Walmart‘s with angry employees and horrible service?

I choose the unique gypsy life over cookie cutter life, any day!

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