The Busy Business Gypsy Bee

The life of a business gypsy is always go go go! I have been so busy lately I am reeling…but it feels so good!

solitary-beeDoing the same thing every day, day in and day out, is too mundane and boring for my taste.  I have tried the 9 – 5 job multiple times, and every time the stress and pressure would take over and affect my health which would affect my job which would basically put me back into the unemployment line.  Being in that continuous cycle of obtaining a job, becoming stressed by the job, being let go by the job and then having it start all over again is just exhausting!

Yes I was busy and overwhelmed at my 9 – 5 jobs, like I am now, but having the added pressure of a boss and co-workers looking over your shoulder is an unwanted addition to what I want in a work environment.  I am a self-starter… I am creative… I like to work for myself!

Don’t get me wrong…I love to work with people!  I like to meet and work with different people of different backgrounds.  I love to surround myself with different types of people because everyone has something different to bring to the table.  This also helps me continue learning new things every day!  Right now I am working with a beauty salon, real estate and short sale firm, an adoption website and a local cafe!  I love to diversify!

Diversity is very important when it comes to life in general.  Your finance manager will always diversify your financial portfolio, we learn about diversity in schools, and we live with diverse people every day!  If you aren’t diverse in life…you will surely standstill.

While working at the standard 9 – 5 jobs, I felt as though there was a lack of diversity.  I am not talking about diversity in the terms of race.  Who you are is important…not what you look like.  I felt as though there was a lack of diversity when it came to personalities and skills.  Yes everyone was skilled in the same trade, but lacked additional qualities to bring to the table.  They also lacked enthusiasm for the job.  If a job is not satisfying…why continue to do it?

Making the move from 9 -5’er to business gypsy was the best thing that ever happened to me.  I feel liberated!  Even though I am as busy as I was at my 9 – 5 jobs, I am still happier!  I have freedom to work with whom I want, where I want, and when I want!  I am also more in a position to help people!   You are not allowed to leave work to help a stranded friend in the middle of a 9 – 5 job… believe me I have tried! 🙂

That is why I decided to take the business gypsy route.  Maybe it is because I like to be my own boss….maybe because I like to work without walls….maybe I am just a gypsy at heart.  One thing is for sure though…I am happier now then I was before but just as busy! <3


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