The Rat RaceThe Daily Grind.  Get up at 7 am. Eat Breakfast. Get to work on time.  Get stuck in Rush Hour traffic. Sneak into the office if you are late.  Sit in your office and work. Leave your office for lunch.  Return to your office after lunch. Work. Slack Off. Doze Off. Procrastinate. Work. Leave your office at 6 pm. Get stuck in Rush Hour Traffic. Get Home. Then… We do it all again the next day. I seriously would and did go a little nuts with this routine…. and I am only 25! 

Then I read a quote from the 14th Dalai Lama that changed everything:
The Dalai Lama
“…when seeking work, or if you already have a job, it is important to keep in mind that a human being isn’t meant to be some kind of machine designed only for production….If your life becomes only a medium of production, then many of the good human values and characteristics will be lost–then you will not, you cannot, become a complete person.”

I stopped everything and sat there.  I did not feel like I was heading towards being a complete person.  I felt like I was just another rat in the rat race.

Once I finally realized where my life was heading…I changed everything.

I quit my job as a Public Relations Representative and never looked back.

Even though I am a gypsy, holding 4 different part-time/contract jobs …I have not felt better!  The weight on my shoulders that I have felt for over 10 years if now finally lifted.  I can concentrate better…I am happier…I am even nicer!

I chose the Dalai Lama over the Rat Race….will you choose the same?

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