If anyone was going to be officially named Wonder Woman…it should be my mother.  She is the Wonder Woman of the Gypsy World.  Always Versatile…Always Changing.  She is Ultimate Gypsy.

My mother was married at the tender age of 21 and had her first child at 23, her 2nd child (The Business Gypsy!) at age 25, and her third at age 27.  During this time she was starting her own craft and floral business in her house.  I remember when I was 2 years old people would come into the house, look around the front room and leave with things!  I didn’t understand what was going on but my mother was selling her goods right out of her house!  She turned the front room into a little shop!

She then expanded her business and moved into a local historical mill twice a year.  Her business kept growing and so did she.  She expanded her business into jewelry, corn husk dolls, wedding invitations…you name it!  She was and continued to grow as the Wonder Woman of Gypsies!

She continued to work and work and her twice a year craft fair turned into a local hit and became larger and larger!  She then brought in more and more consignment vendors and gypsy crafters and the show took off!

Did this Wonder Woman Gypsy stop at this?  Never!

She then opened her own store in a prominent town in Northern Delaware and was a staple there for 15 years!  Her store was the go to store for all gifts, floral arrangements, or just to stop by and talk!

My mother, the Wonder Woman of Gypsies is my inspiration!  She took what she loved to do and turned her passion into a thriving and popular business!

But all good things had to come to an end and a figurative earthquake hit her and the business.  Unfortunately she had to close the store…but did that stop her?  Not a chance!

This Wonder Woman kept to the grind and is now the assistant manager of a high fashion woman’s clothing store, and is the top seller!

I strive to be like the Wonder Woman of Gypsies, my mother.  She never second guessed herself, she worked towards her goal with positive energy and when the chips were down, she re-invented herself and pulled off another gypsy move again!

Even though the real Wonder Woman has a lasso and can fly…the Wonder Woman of Gypsies can create, innovate, and morph into anything the gypsies heart desires.  Heart is the gift of the Wonder Woman of Gypsies.  And I love the Heart that I came from <3