Due to the changing economy and lack of employment more people are finally taking the leap into the unknown when it comes to employment and benefits.


Picture Credit to WebDonuts.com


It was personally difficult for me to take that leap.  I am 25 years old with a diverse educational background and anyone would hire me.  My mom would say “You are great at getting a job!  You nail the interview every time and charm the pants off of them!  Now you need to just keep the job and you will be set!”

I had a hard decision to make but when I finally took that leap of personal growth and awareness…well…I have never felt better….emotionally.  But I will say that physically….it has taken a toll.

I have been working many jobs including Brand Ambassador, Promotional Model, Web Designer, and Executive Assistant all at the same time.  None of the jobs I was taking had any health benefits along with the position.  I have not had health insurance for 4 years.

Being a gypsy during this harsh economic climate is challenging.   Being uninsured during this time is also hard.  One simple illness and you are in debt.  Being $1000 in debt due to hospital bills can make you sick as well.

I just pray that this Flu Season….I am overlooked by the Flu Gods and that they spare me the monetary woes!