What is a Business Gypsy?


Business Gypsy
[biz-nis jip-see], noun plural –sies

– A person, traditionally free & independent, in mind & soul, who is engaged in a cause, a service and/or a type of commerce.

I am not used to the normal, every day, 9 – 5 life. I believe life has more to it then just getting up every day at the same time, working at the same meaningless job, and coming home to the same family routine and going to bed the SAME time every night and doing it all…over…again….

If I lived that way…. it would probably be a short life…

I am a business gypsy. I do not stick to the normal. I have dreams… aspirations… wants… and I am not going to let the mundane get me down and bury those dreams! In my opinion, there are 3 types of gypsy‘s:

1) The Old School Gypsy: The type of gypsy that moves from city to city, back in the day, reading palms, tarot cards, or usually traveled with a bunch of bandits! They were free-spirited, and did what pleased them! Not to mention they wore awesome skirts and walked around bare foot!

2) The Contractor Gypsy: This gypsy moves from hotel to hotel, city to city, working where ever there is work, but usually does a shady and crappy job and usually scamming the people who gave them work in the first place! I used to work as a Waitress in Wilmington, DE and there was a hotel behind the restaurant and every night a bunch of “Contractor Gypsy’s” would come in…be very demanding…and never leave me a tip! Is there A Gypsy Code of Conduct or something?!

The third is what I have proclaimed myself to be…a business gypsy. I am the Jack of all Trades and the Master of None. I have a diverse educational background, including Hotel & Restaurant Management, Administrative and Clerical Management, Tax Certification, Certified Nursing Assistant, Notary, Web Master, Business Operations, Whole Sale Buying, Inventory….and the list goes on and on!

On this blog I am going to look at life from a different stance. I am not going to tell you where to find the best office chair, or when the next political event is going to take place! I am going to try to enlighten those who read this blog that there is more to life then just having a job to say you have a job, or buying that house because you want the “American Dream” and what comes with it.

You can create your own “American Dream”….you just need to define what your dream is!

Photo Provided By: Image: Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net